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Graeme Rycyk

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Aug 16, 2021

Big news coming next week!

We have been a little understaffed over the past few weeks with some well earned PTO, some unforutnate (but not serious) sick leave, and sooner than expected paternity leave quite. However, things have

Jan 31, 2021

Moving Out Of Beta

As many of you know Now Push had been in beta since late spring / early summer last year. Over that time we grew from just on mobile to Chrome and then Firefox applications,

Sep 7, 2020

Introducing Now Push for Firefox

You can “Now Push” to Firefox from iOS, Android or Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge. It’s super simple, super-fast, and is just the latest step in building out our core applications! You can

Aug 29, 2020

Introducing Now Push for Chrome

You can “Now Push” to Chrome from iOS or Android. It’s super simple, super-fast, and is the first step giving Now Push super-powers! Make sure you’ve got the latest version of

Jul 26, 2020



This is the new blog for Now Push and along with r/nowpush as the source for all Now Push related news. We felt the blog would compliment the subreddit, and that the subreddit isnt the best way for us to do the longer more informative posts we had been doing since we started.